04 December, 2012

Milestone: ten at 10-10-12

Ah this is oh so late! This should have been posted in October but as they say, better late than never. Yes! My daughter's 10th is a clear indication that I am getting old (or older) but nonetheless I am enjoying every bit of our journey together despite the reality of aging. 

Jessica grew up being called by my name because Ateneo de Davao Grade School teachers, who were also my teachers, would see me in her. Sometimes, others would think that Jessica is my little sister. Today, I am  a witness as she grows to be her own lady--- very uniquely Jessica. She has been consistently part of the honor's list. Moreover, she is developing her basketball and singing skills. I can't wait for the day that I will witness her successes in life. 

For her pre- birthday celebration, we prepared a merienda cena at home for her Kid's for Christ band mates after their hours of practice.

the sissy peaks as AA blows her candle.
her mates are so prepared with the gifts, games and prizes.
never a dull moment
mamo's yummy teriyaki chicken
mamo's red sauce spag
mamo's very tender bbq
hotdog with marshmallows
crispy fries
tita Waling's very moist chocolate cake
And for her birthday, the fambam had a dinner at the new Coco's South Bistro branch in Matina, Davao City. The resto is known for its tasty Baby Back Ribs, Pizza and their family-sized serving at a reasonable price. 

a delish mini for her birthday cake
fish fillet with tartar sauce
Baby Back Ribs
Sorry, I think we were that hungry that I was not able to take pictures of the Pizza. 

Mamo, Lena and Jeka
lovebirds, eehh?!
It has been a wonderful journey with my family and I could not thank God enough for giving me such beautiful and lovely daughters. 

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