07 February, 2013

Delish Treat: Cafe France

The hubby took me for a thursdate to try his new discovery, Cafe France which is located in the second level of the building where Manila Bulletin is billeted.

This spicy tuna, which the hubs brought the other day as a surprise, made me want to try their food.

spicy tuna 101

The classic and homey ambiance of their cafe is such a date inspiring.

beautiful stairs and balcony
the logo
counter ambiance
menu board
there were a few, we got lucky
We would like to try their baby back ribs unfortunately it is unavailable for Davao City as we were told so instead the hubs had their very tasty roasted chicken and i had their fish fillet which was a little overcooked. By the way their rice and tartar sauce were superb. 

ask and you will recieve
healthy place mat
fish fillet
roasted chicken
twin tower soda
Of course, we did not go without a take out for my pretty monkeys. 

yummy muffin
I would definitely go back to try the Cafe France pasta and the spicy tuna of course. 

If you have new food discoveries, i would really appreciate if you will share it with me.

K ♡

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