28 February, 2013

Milestone: Jelena turns 5 ♡

She was a prayer we wanted and waited for. She is an answered prayer... a source of joy and a fountain of sunshine in our lives. One day, she will be instrumental for a person's answered prayers.
then and now she is loved.
My pretty monkey, though reluctant at the beginning because she wanted to remain as our baby, was happy to celebrate her 5th birthday after being assured and reassured of our big love for her. Our celebration was very simple but fun-filled which is very much required to a very kinesthetic birthday girl.

Play is her favorite action word. She literally jumped with joy when she learned that we will go to Zoofari (beside Outback Grill, Bacaca Rd.) for the first time. The big playroom, variety of toys, the adventure, affordable weekday hourly rate, free use of wifi and the ample food serving of their cafeteria made the place attractive to both children who love to have fun and to caretakers while waiting.

loving the hues
they conquered the height and the obstacles.
happy birthday girl and ate
Play made my girls hungry. Eat. Our family loves to eat and resto-hop is our favorite family bonding. The Outback Grill, which is just beside Zoofari, has a very beautiful ambiance, good acoustic singer and commendable service.  We had their kinilaw for our appetizer. The fish was fresh and the serving was big for three persons. For our main course, we had their Zoofari Bounty. The taste was good but I was not that impressed because it did not seem bountiful for me. First, the tiger prawns were not available that time. Second, they replaced it with two small chicken after the haggle. However, the rice is limitless. Despite the Zoofari Bounty, We will still come back and try their other food offering like the burger and steak.

her favorite things in the resto.
the ambiance.
zoofari bounty.
cake from Joniel's
blow the candle.
I will always have a grateful heart for the and will be opportunities to celebrate love, life and relationships. Every moment is a milestone!

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