25 February, 2013

DelishTreat: My Sweet Tooth... NOT!

I rave over spicy and sour tasting food but very seldom on sweets. My doze of sweetness would be my addiction on Coke and ice tea. Thus, i am not really a fan of cakes and ice cream until I discovered... Selecta Chocolate Truffle and cupcakes.

I can live without eating ice cream but if this will be served to me, I will surely would not let it go without having a round or two. The real chocolates in this ice cream would be worth all the calories I will gain after feasting over it. This 1.66 L, Php 360+ worth of ice cream is a delish treat from heaven.

the cover is telling me it is something special
yummy on the outside
the choco chucks inside make it doubly yummy.
gone in a flash
Another delish treat for me would be cupcakes. I have been looking around for cupcakes in the city and I must say the cupcakes of Joniel's and Taste of Home stand out.

I discovered Joniel's through my friends who have good taste for pastries. Joniel's cupcake is a delish treat for its very affordable price of Php 15 each. 

we surprised our birthday boy with Joniel's cupcakes.
The search for adorable and gratifying cupcakes continue and I finally found one at Taste of Home through the recommendation of our Jesuit brother and fellow foodie, Bro. Jeff Pioquinto. The look of their cupcakes are so appetizing and the taste is divine. Taste of Home is at the Matina Town Square and their cupcakes cost Php 45 for each.

Hershey's on top
chocolate all over
say hello to the ferrero!
I may not have a sweet tooth but these delish treats are toothsome so please do not judge me by my weight. Until our next delish treat, xoxo! ♡♥

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